Writing degree zero

The mediation or the apparently neutral description was in fact a political act in that Realism made the power of the middle class seem to be inevitable. In Writing Degree Zero Barthes explored this idea of commitment through a concern with form. You have to dig through a lot of sand to get your small gold reward The problem for writing became one of extracting oneself from the precincts of power and to find a way for writing to function as writing within a system of language.

Language is a body, while style comes from the body — a carnal structure instead of a social one. This ornamental concern of the classical continues to plague poetry, which is uniquely suited to developing a utopia of language.

I am left with the impression that noone wanted to point out that the emperor had almost no clothes, fearing they would seem too stupid to understand the profound truths intentionally vague and ambiguous deepities, mostly.

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What we are, and what the body is, remains at the present moment unknown, and ripe for investigation. When the war ended, Existentialism emerged as the prevailing philosophy, but Marxism as a philosophy seemed to be discredited by the brutal Stalinism of the Soviet Union.

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