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You may simply get rejected based on the fact they have a book in print or in the pipeline on the same subject.

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Are there any foods coming down the pipeline that might need recipes or merit further explanation? John Grisham had a book rejected sixteen times before it found an agent and other famous authors have similar stories.

But I hope these questions and suggestions give you a good introduction to the process — good luck! Others marry rich, which is not a joke! This is just a sampling of the many cookbooks in the Library of Virginia collection.

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Do You Click? Let me return to the genealogical theme one last time with two examples of family cookbooks. If someone is a professional editor, ask if there is a fee for the initial consultation if you have a lot of questions and want to set up a time to talk. Then do some research to contact them with your proposal. One such example is the Carter Cousins Cookbook n. When in the D. Interspersed in this post are a lot of questions for you to ask yourself. Or ask a friend who has good sensibilities, that you respect, to read what you wrote and get some feedback.

A section entitled "Kitchen and Household Hints" provides suggestions on gravies, tenderizing meat, what to do with leftovers, cleaning tips, removing odors, and removing mildew among other information. Do You Click?

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Sometimes local cookbooks can be a challenge to catalog if there is no source of publication or date. All are reasons to write a book.

how to write an ebook cookbook
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The Library of Virginia Cookbook Collection