Writing a frago army

An example of this is units at JRTC starting the search before their cordon is set. Only By not providing proper assessment criteria, subordinate units have limited ability to know if they are succeeding. Use it as a checklist and remember that it is a guide.

Additionally, we should develop a formal abbreviated format to produce battalion level orders in hours. By adding final details, the higher command is already tracking the mission. And, because approval is the ultimate goal, planning and mission analysis receives minimal attention as a leaders time is spent developing the CONOP product.

The lack of coordinating instructions leads to a lack of synchronization on the battlefield.


The CONOP does not provide the needed information to subordinate units and leaves large gaps in key areas.

Paragraph 5. Weather can affect the men; cold, heat, rain, or snow can create problems if your section is not prepared. An operation order contains the information and instructions needed to accomplish a specific mission.

frago template usmc

Bottom up refinement would be handled within the normal targeting process. This is not to say units should stop sending up things like frontline trace or appropriate execution checklists. Thus, we must understand that our operations affect their ability to operate and vice versa.

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Operations order