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Program notes, pre-performance discussions, and lobby displays Educating the playgoing community beyond providing study guides is another valuable dramaturgical duty.

Sometimes directors are selective about the research presented to actors and therefore prefer things to be filtered through them first.

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Illuminating the world of the play By Amy Steele I vividly remember when I first learned about dramaturgy. Compiled for a university theatre course, this site has a comprehensive annotated bibliography with sources useful to the dramaturg.

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Once young theatre artists are exposed to this work, they soon realize just how appealing and indispensable it can be. We can offer insight about the style, voicing, dramatic need, and build for each song, or track a tricky element in the show, like tone, dispensation of information, clues leading up to a reveal, or a significant prop.

Theatre Communications Group. The dramaturgy packets are alternately called study guides, so they may be under either name; theaters typically have education departments that produce these packets in conjunction with the dramaturgeso this is a good tip for studying subsequent plays! Thats possible, so write out the significance of your decisions here.

A great way I was taught to do this is to create a question bin in which you go through the text and note any place where you have a question. Miscellaneous classroom dramaturgy activities Dramaturgical skills are applicable to all areas of theatre, and can also be used in script analysis, playwriting, scene work, and design assignments.

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You should have already done this work in your play analysis worksheet, if so, edit and finesse your synopsis to a reasonable length and depth. What aspects of the examples provided struck you as important? First, it must be organized in an easy-to- access manner. Make them available to audience members to read before or after the production by placing them in the theatre lobby.

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Finally, I make a list of topics to research these usually deal with setting details and other world-of-the-play issues. Brockett with Franklin J. Dramaturgy bulletin boards This activity can be done as an extension of the dramaturgy teams activity, on its own, or as part of a play rehearsal. Because the director may have a particular take on the play and its world, it is important for the dramaturg to support and illuminate this vision through his research and other participation in the rehearsal process. I had also set out photos of Louise Nevelson sculptures, artwork that was an inspiration not only for me, but for the set designer and director as well. The best way to utilize scholarly work is by way of block quotes that emphasize or enhance your own ideas about the play see my All My Sons dramaturgy packet for examples. Her journey through these worlds not only helps her dissertation, but it also encourages her to discover her own inner strength, attractiveness, and confidence. Some dramaturgs say they are literary and historical consultants who work with directors, designers, and actors to make an artistic vision a reality.
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