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We should take the full responsibility of our actions.

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Covey wrote the book after reviewing literature on success from the last two centuries. This principle is extremely important in nursing life.

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Cultivating this habit will enable overcoming the fog of crisis. Covey has stated that one must always work with hope, imagination and creativity. She cannot shift the blame if the patient does not recover in time or suffers a relapse.

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Anyway, I was telling you about proactive-ness by my example. Whenever my paradigm shifts, I see things differently, and because I see differently, I feel differently, and because I feel differently I behave differently. Convey has provided numerous life-based examples, which make this book easier to understand. This is a highly complex assignment and one error can lead to loss of life. The reason is because over time the saw becomes dull. According to convey, sometimes just a little knowledge is quite enough to examine our paradigm shift and sometimes people need life threatening experiences or complete role change in a their life to realise paradigm shift. He should realised soon that overall performance will always good than individual performance. Convey says that some people start climbing the ladder of success and finally when they reach at the top they find that ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. Buy College Papers Online He is the founder and chairman of the Covey Leadership Center, which has over international members and is doing pioneering work in enhancing effectiveness of inpiduals and guiding them to be high quality leaders of today and tomorrow. Chewning, John W. The habits emphasize personal responsibility and personal leadership.

A nurse has to administer treatment to patients based on the firm belief that she is personally responsible for providing it in the best manner possible. It will improve us to be more productive in later stages.

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I have never struggled with organization or keeping things on my calendar but what I have struggled with is the guilt that comes with letting others down Habit 3 — First Things ARE First: On a daily basis, you should make a list of the most important things you need to accomplish at work.

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