What is intelligence anyway isaac asimov

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Rather it never can be placed on a one dimensional pattern because a person having highest level of aptitude test can be useless in machinery and technical aspect. However there are dangers. Everybody is a capable person in his field.

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The people that seem to get ahead in society are those with excellent social skills instead. What they forget is the compound interest that sustained effort provides. Critical thinking : It is true that intelligence tests are designed and asked by academicians. You may also like to read:. All my life I've been registering scores like that, so that I have the complacent feeling that I'm highly intelligent, and I expect other people to think so too. Hence a person is intelligent in administration but bad with family. In conclusion, all the three factors contribute to the final success of the project. Actually instead of quoting from memory I googled, it is indeed from his first auto-biography, and here it is: "I actually went so tragically far as to send off for and complete a Mensa application test The author believed that only a small group of people in society determined what intelligence was and forced all the others to accept their ideas. Especially interview questions in the finance sector are probably much easier with a better IQ.

Covert operations, on the other hand, are better viewed as an act of policy than as an intelligence activity. By every one of those tests, I'd prove myself a moron, and I'd be a moron, too. I'm looking forward to a species that makes modern humans as a whole, from dumbest to smartest, appear as an ant to them.

Asimov brings to the auto repairman. Even very limited knowledge can make people wise.

What is intelligence anyway isaac asimov

Therefore, he thinks that his intelligence is not absolute one, rather it is designed by function of the society. Although the writer used to score very high marks in the intelligent test, he was fit for only an assistant cook. So I don't really have those kind of prejudice just because of peoples trades. Intelligence What Is Intelligence, Anyway? Hence a person is intelligent in administration but bad with family. In our society, we think that a person who got a high score in academic exams and positioned high is always assumed fit for other all positions. The next day I was still a buck private with KP - kitchen police - as my highest duty. How do you suppose he asked for them?

Academic intelligence cannot speak for our success in the future. We have to be critical and creative as we can.

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What is Intelligence Anyway