Ussr the great retreat

Between 23 and 27 June the Germans established bridgeheads across the Dniester to the south, but were halted by Russian counterattacks from the east in July.

It was not surprising. The war which lasted until July served to further distance the Soviet Union from the West. He delivered a long report: "It must be admitted that the toiling peasantry, our Soviet peasantry, has completely and irrevocably come under the red flag of Socialism.

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The Society of Old Worker Bolsheviks was abolished. An Opposition Circular of December 10 [9] warned Trotskyist groups every where to be on guard against a frame-up, and it followed within a few days. Education under Stalin saw a huge progress in curriculums and the main aim of study for the youth. There emerged a power struggle between the Right and Left of the party. The NKVD set targets for numbers of arrests. The Russian field armies at this time were critically short of modern weapons and ammunition of all kinds—artillery, machine guns, and even rifles. But this explanation sufficed. Stalin reviewed the work of the Central Committee. The magnificent early films were replaced by jazz-comedies. The downward trend in grain production has been checked by the large-scale organisation of the collective farms, and there has been an increase since This new ruble was equivalent to 50, old rubles. However, their arguments were easily put down by Stalin and Bukharin and they were removed from the Politburo. No single word of Trotsky or any Trotskyist can be found in all their writings advocating terrorism.

Shostakovitch, the brilliant young modernist composer, was disgraced for writing "leftist" music, and instead a rival who wrote an opera with Cossack folk-melodies was elevated in his place with Stalin's special approval. We have information to the effect that even in our Party there are some who support this 'idea.

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These can buy better equipment and thus increase their production. Traditional perspectives were reintroduced, polygamy was demolished and so was incest, adultery and male homosexuality which were legalised in earlier years.

Ussr the great retreat

The collective farms gave the State a broader basis from which to fight private ownership, but the struggle between the two continues, as it will continue to do until the socialised industry of Germany or Britain is thrown in the scale against the backwardness of the countryside. Stalin's crude mentality, which for so many years has lain like a huge shadow over Russia, dwarfed every healthy growth, did not leave even art or history untouched. Nothing can stop him, and Stalin has learnt another lesson in Marxism--that only an industry far beyond the capacity of the Soviet Union for another generation can liquidate the kulak. He need only do two days work on the collective farm and that on the basis of piece-work. Many were not well received by local officials and peasants and were given inadequate food. Stalin does not introduce free speech because he dare not. The peasant may own one cow, two calves, two pigs with their litter, ten sheep, twenty bee-hives, and an unlimited quantity of poultry. The youth were told to respect and love parents despite their views on the communist youth union. The Left Opposition had traced this process carefully. Before the growing wrath of the proletariat the bureaucracy needed some mass support. In that same January came the decrees re-establishing private property on the countryside, and the announcement of the new Constitution giving equal voting power to the peasantry--destroying the Soviets by making the unit of representation territorial instead of being based on the factories; and by direct election to a parliament placing the function of government as in bourgeois countries out of even the nominal control of the masses. To alleviate the grain crisis he imposed grain requisitioning quotas.

With the continuing Russian retreat, Warsaw became isolated, and the German 12th Army under Gallwitz seized the opportunity and conquered it on 4—5 August. Individual farmers will receive similar bonuses, but on a smaller scale.

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The Communist Academy, the famous association for the study of Marx and Engels, was wiped away by a decree. Abuse of Trotsky had been drummed so steadily by Stalin into Russian ears that now at least one thing was certain--Trotskyism was the direct antithesis of Stalinism. The cult of the leader in Italy, Germany and Russia is to-day due to the same cause, the unbearable social and political tension in the country. This meant that children over the age of 12 could be treated like adults and exiled or executed if they were deemed to be guilty of crimes against the state. All farmers were to pool their resources and work collectively to maximise production of their land. Industrialisation and collectivisation had to be purged of every memory of Trotskyism, which had advocated them so long. The sown area has been increased by millions of hectares. However, he soon realised his error and reverted to a more conservative form of rule, whereby the interest of the state was given priority. The decrees restoring private property were still to come. And side by side with this burying of the revolutionary ideas went the concentration of all power into the hands of the bureaucracy and the reduction of the workmen to units of labour. The original plan in , envisaging a collectivisation of twenty per cent of the farmers by , forecast million tons of grain as the probable production. Through the years of revolution and civil war Lenin had held the yearly congresses, with fierce debates for the clarification of policy and the education of the party and the country. Thousands of millions of roubles have been spent on agriculture. But the Left Opposition knew the situation in the country and knew Stalin.
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