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Well it appears to be that way with the way electors are the number one most important group of voters in any presidential election. However, with every census the numbers of each states electoral change due to the process called reapportionment.

These four subjects are: What is the Electoral College. Later in the election process the public would learn that Al Gore had won the popular vote of the nation. The Electoral College is the system that the United States of America uses to elect the president and vice president.

However, our founding fathers created the Electoral College, being the geniuses they are, created a good way to elect a president that would not cause chaos or havoc in the country The Electoral College, which is the group of people who formally elect the President and Vice-President of the United States, has been part of our nation since its inception.

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Also advent of news outlets reduces the need for voters to meet the candidate to get to know their views on various topics Electoral College essay is often difficult as students may not know what to outline in the introduction or conclusion. Most people believe that when they vote in a general election for the President, they truly believe they are voting for the president.

When voters casts their ballots, they are actually voting for the presidential electors. The Electoral College System provides electoral votes to candidates despite losing popular votes.

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