Thesis paper on power factor improvement

The relays cannot be directly control by microcontroller. Objectives and Scope This paper aims reactive power compensation using automatic power factor correction APFC in substations as voltage quality is the issue of the electrical engineering.

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If microcontroller is made to be operated upon the voltage greater than 5V, it will burn out and damage immediately. Problem Statement The need of a stable power system is increasing rapidly throughout the years. Power factor is the cosine angle between the voltage and current.

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And it is going step by step to desired power factor. The single line diagram, load data and load cycle curve are shown in the figures and tables. With the Among the most efficient topologies we have the buck, boost, buck-boost and fly back circuits.

Block diagram of proposed system is shown in Figure 1.

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In this bibliographic review the calculations involved in the development of a converter and its characteristics were demonstrated.

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