The philosophy behind nonviolent protest essay

why was nonviolence effective in the civil rights movement

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. The first class of nonviolent action that Sharp mentions is nonviolent protest. King spoke of The Beloved Community as the end goal of nonviolent boycotts.

nonviolent resistance

This may involve the necessity of caring for those who are violent. But even so, he does not aim to alter the attitude, or the conduct, of those Muslims who believed instead in retaliation.

Examples of nonviolent protest used in the civil rights movement

Gandhi created two forms of Satyagraha one was civil disobedience and the second was non-cooperation. His gospel of freedom through nonviolence was the pillar, the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement and the mantra for people struggling for justice throughout the South. Two people who have transposed the civil movement of the world dramatically through the philosophy of nonviolence are Martin Luther King Jr. While all activists did not adhere to the philosophy of nonviolence, the nonviolent approach is considered a hallmark of the civil rights movement, especially as it played out in the South. They would argue, for instance, that it is fundamentally irrational to use violence to achieve a peaceful society. Students might imagine an unjust situation that might provoke a violent response. To illustrate them, I must return to the relation between his philosophy and his politics. Now the law of nonviolence says that violence should be resisted not by counter-violence but by nonviolence. Instead he recognized that conflict was an inevitable part of human experience. He expressed Essay on A Comparison of Dr. Obviously, some elements of the philosophy, such as its values, were borrowed from other philosophies.

As both understood the evil of oppression, King and Gandhi conveys that violence could not be used as the measure to achieve equality in their movements.

Reverend Dr. This concept is crucial to understand the history of this time period. Even suggested exceptions — ritual slaughter and hunting — were challenged by advocates of Ahimsa.

Like the Stoics later, Socrates here treats justice as a real good, and the usual objectives as indifferent. Use the following prompt to begin the discussion: How might a nonviolent approach be used to confront injustice and violence in the world today?

It was an awful blow for Dr.

The philosophy behind nonviolent protest essay

Among them Congressman Bobby Rush, who in the 's was a member of the militant group known as the Black Panthers. In his opinion, the goal has superior value than the means used to reach it. At that second act of civil disobedience, iron-tipped staves were brought down on the skulls of unresisting protesters, who fell to the ground, although only four were reported to have died in that period. Gandhi was full of surprises: in his defence of concrete particularity in ethics when exceptionless rules cannot guide conduct; in his openness to views from other cultures; and in his exemplary response to criticism, which was welcomed, promulgated without being distorted, treated with disconcerting wit, and used to lead to a radical re-thinking of his own views. Detachment, as opposed to attachment, might therefore be the clearer description, and indeed the Gita repeatedly requires action without attachment, including attachment to the fruits of action. Martin Luther King Jr was cognizance of the interrelatedness of the society mostly the Black Christian society. If he kills the dog, he commits a sin. After students summarize the quotation in their own words, they can identify the injustice or injustices King and his fellow activists were seeking to remedy. It is a multidimensional concept, [14] inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself.
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