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This book does an excellent job of holding this tension together and is one that is both readable and instructive to a wide audience of Christians who want to deepen their understanding of Scripture. On a more subjective note, the cover to this edition is far more aesthetically pleasing than that of the first edition.

Jesus is born into the context of such expectation. When his earthly ministry is over, he leaves his church with the mandate to continue in that same mission.

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Solomon builds the Temple which is the resting place for the ark. Samuel thinks this is dangerous. This addition would also give the authors space to draw out more of the dynamic and personal nature of Christian calling, something that is not overly apparent in the examples they provide. The book is really not much more than a survey. Changes include reduced content, removal of most footnotes, and new sections with contemporary significance. Those who follow Christ will rule with him. What we do and how we live our lives depends in a large measure on what story we perceive ourselves to be living within. This is the power that is involved in selecting which story has our primary allegiance. The books of wisdom living skilfully are associated with Solomon in the Bible. What Goheen and Bartholomew attempt to do, is to trace each of the historical periods, analyze their particular strengths and even their weakness, and also examine how the church reacted to it, where faithfully or not. In considering the biblical story, the authors emphasize the unity of the whole, viewing the Bible as a drama in six acts—creation, sin, Israel, Christ, church, and new creation. But God is not conquered. The authors quote N. They also rightly argue that Christ is coming back to redeem the entire creation, not merely humans. God formed Israel to be a light to the nations, but the Israelites failed to live up to their calling, so God sent them into exile.

The second scene is the continuing mission of the church, the part which we must enact today. Instead each act is given its own section and explored in depth before moving on to the next act.

Odd Statements For an introductory book to the Bible, there are a few odd statements.

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Their intent was to draw together the grand narrative that is inherent in the Bible so that modern believers can live it out accordingly. The roots of the Western worldview were thoroughly pagan; and the puzzling thing is that the gospel was introduced in this culture.

Rightly do they see the theme of kingdom as central to the storyline. Those who follow Christ will rule with him. In Act Two, we see humanity rebel against God and His plan, the catastrophe of disobedience.

God will renew Israel and then draw all nations to himself.

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Goheen Summary: Do we look at the Bible as a story? This would put the emphasis in our theology in the same places that scripture does: Moses; kingdom and exile; Christ. While living between the times, the church is called to spread the news of the kingdom to the entire world. Perhaps the treating of the atonement is the most serious issue. For them this is problematic. Second, with the mission emphasis they seemed to focus heavily on the cultural mandate. Ultimately he is crucified and resurrected. They have succeeded in their goal of tracing these two throughout scripture. Bartholomew Ph. Bartholomew is the H.
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Book Review: The Drama of Scripture, 2E (Bartholomew and Goheen)