The correlation of artificial intelligence and the invention of modern day computers and programming

Cybernetics and early neural networks[ edit ] The earliest research into thinking machines was inspired by a confluence of ideas that became prevalent in the late s, s, and early s.

Because the real world is mostly continuous, these spikes in the input are usually the result of random noise. For speech understanding, these segments correspond to logical components of the signal While you may currently believe on the basis of reasoning that your house is still standing, if while at work you see on your computer screen that a vast tornado is moving through the location of your house, you will drop this belief.

According to wikipedia: Ivan Sutherland demonstrated In Richard Karp building on Stephen Cook 's theorem showed there are many problems that can probably only be solved in exponential time in the size of the inputs.

Moral and Religious issue: playing God According to all major religions, one of the greatest sins of humanity is disobeying the creator. For speech recognition, this can be done by measuring the amplitude of the signal at fixed intervals, such as 20, times per second Similar results were achieved by Hinton's image recognition team.

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Many years have passed since the research in the field of Artificial Intelligence began. Weizenbaum was not a proponent of AI. Very often this is shown in our attempt to play the role of God.

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Turing, Father of the Modern Computer