The art of listening

Observe Other People. The art of listening is about finding out what the speaker thinks about something. Why Listening Takes Work "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply" - Stephen R.

Art of listening in business communication

The reason for these shocking stats is that most of us think of listening as a passive process that requires no effort. Listen without jumping to conclusions. They follow up on what matters It feels really good when someone remembers something you said and brings it up with you later. Here are some of the basics of attentive listening. Promote open-mindedness. OK, so listening is important. Just listen. Here are some suggestions that have helped others become better listeners: 1. To build a better foundation for personal and professional success, master the art of listening with the tips below. And the good news is that we have loads of opportunities to do this every single day — in every conversation we have. Keeping these tips in mind will help you become a more effective listener, which is more than half of what it takes to be a really good communicator. For example, there is sometimes considerable difference between the auditory cues and the behavioral cues emitted by the speaker. Interpret: You analyze others' motives and behaviors based on your own experiences. After all, how much of what gets said in these situations actually gets processed? But listening can be equally so.

Ask questions. Encouraging them to listen to each other can help promote an environment of open-mindedness and inclusion, where everyone can feel that their opinions are heard and valued. Take the manager who dreaded to see his secretary go away for her two-week vacation.

The art of listening exercises

Words are powerful. B Judging What the Other Person is Saying We filter so much of what people say through judgement and while this is something that happens naturally, it gets in the way of good listening. Many people think aloud and tend to grope toward their meaning. Then, when they are finished, you can restate the points and ask the speaker if you've understood the message by saying things like, "What I hear you saying is…" or "When you say that, do you mean…? Then, when he's finished, you can restate the points and ask the speaker if you've understood the message. Well … actually I made that bit up. Promote open-mindedness. But listening is an art we should all take the effort to improve because we spend so much time doing it.

This is not an easy thing to do. Use an app instead to catch the details.

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Art of Listening