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Describe the forces for driving industry competitions as per Michael E.

University questions on strategic management

Elaborate the concept of corporate Governance and Social Responsibility with reference to Indian Scenario. Intrapreneurship How do we classify them? Define vision and mission with examples. You are on page 1of 15 Search inside document M. Consider the questions at the end of the paragraph and discuss them with others. What are its sources? Define Strategic Management.

After years of losses, the company was driven to bankruptcy in the later s. Define vision and mission with examples. Intrapreneurship Give some examples of first mover and later mover firms.

strategic management question paper pdf

Explain the factors to be considered for selecting the best strategy. Are performance based-budgets suitable for non-profit organizations?

What do you mean by Strategic Myopia?

Strategic management question bank answers

Corporate Governance. Are performance based-budgets suitable for non-profit organizations? Explain the concept of Competitive advantage. What are the issues in alliances with foreign companies? Cross Culture Management 9. Strategic Business Unit 8. If so,what corporate strategy should it use? What is Balanced Scorecard? What is the meaning of Entrepreneurial Venture? Soon kinder-Care had over 1, centers in almost 40 cities in the United States.

What are non-profit organizations? What is Corporate Governance?

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What is Environmental Scanning?

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Anna University Strategic Management Question Papers