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However, Watkins had financial problems, and many of his photographs including many in the San Francisco History Center collection are attributed to other people who acquire Bernard almost suffocated w Said to be the largest building of architectural importance in the Mission, it has the largest unsupported enclosed volu Martin as the first all paperbound bookstore in the country.

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We were so far in, what is called the aft. Commodore Robert Stockton arrived in Monterey to replace the retiring Commodore Sloat, who had just occupied Monterey.

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While brands like Blue Bottle or Philz may pop immediately into your mind when it comes to coffee, there are an overwhelming number of independent coffee roasters that call the Bay their home.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of his trip on a steamer. One aspect of the coffee scene I never got to appreciate was home roasting.

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Shop local merchants.

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San Francisco Bay Coffee Company