Responses to conflict

The issue matters more to them than it does to you.

Conflict management

Following are six dimensions of conflict response. Accommodate: Accommodating is the opposite of competing. As a consequence of feeling threatened by the unexpected, they push for rigid arrangements and rules and get upset by even minor deviations. I received a note yesterday that warmed my heart. Look for the places where conflict should exist. Think of the conflict as a good sign. When you listen intently, you gain insight into what lies at the heart of the matter for all.

Enter the periodical title within the "Get Permission" search field. Commitment to the solution is needed, and the relationship is important. To avoid conflict, one must abandon purpose.

greatest strength when dealing with conflict

You avoid mostly as a short term strategy, recognizing that conflict will not go away even if you act as though it doesn't exist. Think of conflict like friction. Look for the places where conflict should exist.

what is conflict

We create friction as we pursue purpose.

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Responses to Conflict