Research papers on owning a dog vs. owning a cat

One study found that over a year period cat owners were 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners although this might just be because cat owners are more relaxed and have lower stress in general.

pets and happiness examining the association between pet ownership and well being

More cats had been left with their mother less than one month compared with dogs An Austrian study conducted in found that having a cat in the house is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.

Participants then imagined their pet became ill and indicated the most they would be willing to pay for a life-saving surgery.

For more advice on introducing new pets to the fold, see our guides on introducing your dog to other pets or introducing your cat to other pets. But it turns out that living with a dog or cat during the first year of life not only cuts your chances of having pet allergies in childhood and later on but also lowers your risk of asthma. However, owners could have had different attitudes with their animals which could have influenced personality perception. Pet owners have lower levels of cholesterol, lower blood pressure and are less likely to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. Most participants owned one Results from the research were recently reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Well-trained dogs can be taken on trips and enjoy days out and travelling. Furthermore, if the influence of owner characteristics on the perceived personality of their pets is true [ 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ], we do not expect differences between dogs and cats as they are judged by the same owner. For instance, cats tend to lash their tails about when mad, while dogs growl and arch their backs. Despite a shorter history of domestication, a natural selection process, and a more solitary existence, cats are appreciated by human beings because of their adaptability to small residences, independence, and ease of care [ 26 ]. To facilitate comparison between dogs and cats, breed, age, the amount of time it had been left with the mother and age of acquisition were classified in categories as showed in Table S2. More than half of the participants owned both mixed-bred No surprise then that keeping regular company with a dog or cat or another beloved beast appears to offer all these same benefits and more.

Sociability, protectiveness, reactivity, neuroticism, and fearfulness were the traits that emerged and that diversified themselves according to species. Regular grooming is important too, especially if you have a long-haired cat. Moreover, perhaps because of the partial overcoming of prejudices about their incompatibility or changes in human urban lifestyles, a growing number of owners choose to adopt both a dog and a cat [ 2632 ].

pets and happiness: examining the association between pet ownership and wellbeing

The multiple factorial approach adopted in this study aims to define the personality traits perceived by the owners of dogs and cats living in the same household, as well as to evaluate how the experiential-environmental factors, and their interaction with the species, has modulated their personality traits.

Your choice of pet reveals something about your personality. Cats have a reputation of being aloof and not caring about their humans, but they have saved countless lives over the years. One study found that just 10 minutes of petting a dog or cat can lower cortisol levels in college students.

We stratified by species to show, in the easiest way, the interactions between species and environmental factors.

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Ina researcher in Wisconsin surveyed college students and found that cat owners were actually more intelligent as well. In fact, just a brief pet encounter can invigorate your disease-defense system.

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Dogs And Cats Can Live In Perfect Harmony In The Home, If Introduced The Right Way