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It took 13 failed attempts before the system finally got off the ground in We identify 13 factors that could influence allies' decisionmaking, consider how decisionmaking may vary in the event of an unconventional attack, and propose steps to mitigate Russian influence attempts and increase NATO unity in the event of an attack.

The think tank currently employs close to 1, researchers, who spend their time analyzing everything from renewable energy and obesity to hurricanes and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

They could even count the fruit in Soviet orchards and analyze their crops. Michael J.

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Nash came up with what is now called the Nash equilibrium, which is used to determine the stability of competition.

But perhaps the thing that most solidified RAND's reputation in the public's imagination was the release of the Stanley Kubrick film Dr. While the idea was genius, the design was flawed.

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GrissomJohn P. The message was not lost on the insurance industry, nor on the federal government.

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The program aims to provide practical experience for its students, who work with RAND analysts on real-world problems.

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