Pen writing animation software

As pointed by Dr. You can choose the video quality before exporting. This is one of the most unique boards we have. One of the boxes can be used for voiceover and the other text box can be used for planning the animation of the video.

You can also add ASMR effects to make your videos irresistible. For example, you can bring in our 2d characters, handcraft animations or even Video Infographics onto your whiteboard video to make it unique! So what will make your viewers interested?

All our properties were created after carefully analyzing thousands of professional whiteboard videos. This style is one of the most popular boards among all our whiteboard styles.

You can pick from the different strokes and stitches available here. You should time the properties in such a way that it resembles the real scenario of a person drawing on a board. To know more about other animation features, you can check out this detailed blog post.

video animation software

You can add the text after the drawing sequence is over. The image gets flipped.

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