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It comes in easily affordable denominations of Rs. Creation of worth in this challenging economic condition remains the type to success for now; Zong has maintained to draw this inedible quite reasonably. Telecom Facilities in Rural Areas All the value-added services and digital facilities are available only in the main cities of Pakistan. BOD Board of Directors. Managing directors are responsible for the projects management and also for the operations of the business. Better telecommunication services and telecommunication is now becoming essential part of people lifestyle. Various functions performed by Budget Dept. The advisor, who submitted report on 22nd May, suggested a strategy of widespread ownership and identified 14 units for privatization. These changes in work involved the kind of goods produced concrete or abstract , the kind of skills the job required unskilled, semiskilled, or skilled , and the size of the demand for the goods. As organizations have changed in recent times, there has emerged a need to study the critical elements that make organizations prosper and relate these to training and development. It is also providing its customer the calling card options. A majority, however, will at one time or another require some type of training or development activity in order to maintain an effective level of job performance. Testing: Before launching the new products they pass the products through a very crucial and keen observation processes which include, they give their new product to every employee to use for one month and they consider their view as a basic research. No one can deny the role of PTCL to survive in the current scenario of the world.

Many new employees come equipped with most of the knowledge and skills to start work. Network planning, finance, procurement, technology selection and service development are purely concentrated within the PTCL Headquarters at Islamabad. It is the backbone of the telecom industry of Pakistan.

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It is being worked in the country after and has enhanced its business operations in country very fast and very effectively. The information contained in this report is based on my personal observations, practicle working and interviews with the staff during my internship period.

The use of technology for training purposes has also been identified as a trend and best practice within the training arena. Introduction: The Oman telecommunication company is the most reliable and unique telecom and multimedia service provider in Pakistan which is also known as Omantel.

So people are becoming more aware about the environment so business people should consider this trend that has ultimate effect on their businesses. C, Stenos etc.

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Saquib H. The S. PTCL brochures 2. In this connection it has replaced the old exchanges with new digital exchanges. Company has different strategies and alternatives to be implemented. The organizations profitability and growth depends upon the best possible output of these employees. In , Privatization Commission, GOP appointed a new financial advisor to implement the strategic sale. Switching to another product is simple Customers are price sensitive 14 Consumers have high product knowledge Switching costs are low Availability of existing substitute products Plenty of choice of several technologies and other communication means available, enhanced the buyers power. At operational level, World call needs to have information about its daily operation like daily sales transactions, No. Its operations were governed by the Pakistan telecommunication Corporation Act

Create communities for users How twitter will affect telecom industry plenty of large corporations like Starbucks SBUX are already using it as a marketing tool. They have different traffics provided to the customer as following: Local calls, broadband, international calls.

The GM ensures that adequate number of efficient personnel is employed for the satisfactory operation, control and expansion of telecommunication services.

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More Trend towards Fast Food trend. Line man etc. In the next part, my internship work in PTCL finance department is explained; financial analysis and SWOT analysis of the firm have been done by the help of which we identified that what are the strong areas of the company and where it lacks so that it can improve. If the notes are converted into shares, it will amount to total E switch Business above Manage A. People now like to use Facebook on their pc and on mobile, allowing them to connect with their family and friends anytime anywhere. The cooperation trend is sweeping through almost every industry, from communication to food to health care. At the same time the Government of Pakistan began to introduce private participation in the sector and licenses were awarded for cellular, card-operated payphones, paging phones in the country. For example: Wateen and Telenor customers can pay there Wateen bills and utility bills from easy paisa. PTCL management should give more emphasis towards customer satisfaction, delight and satisfaction Downsizing employees from to , they still have many employees who sit idle in their office all day. They have a network of 23 company-owned sales and service centers, more than franchisees and some , retail outlets Telenor ASA is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services.

The report aims at appraising the working of PTCL, its functions and operation and also attempts to assess its performance.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)