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Because they could not attack Britain directly they attacked the British North American colonies.

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This incr The more prosperous PEI resisted almost from the start. And thus, Canada as known today was born. The idea swept the board, and the glittering idea of a united country took over. Support for repeal and secession reflected substantial and rapid social and economic change in Nova Scotia. The bulk of the population, especially in Nova Scotia and PEI, saw no reason to change their constitution just because Canada was finding it had outgrown its own. The major points addressed in the resolutions were: a strong united federal government, defined provincial powers, and that the province of Canada will be divided into Quebec and Ontario. The American appetite for expansionism was made clear with the US purchase of Alaska in During the 's the Northern and Southern States fought in the American civil war. Any type of essay. Canadian colonial settlement shared a fluctuating relationship with the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Resolutions outlined the concept of federalism — with powers and responsibilities strictly divided between the provinces and the federal government see Distribution of Powers. This led to political deadlock. Despite their exclusion, Confederation still had a significant impact on Indigenous communities.

There was a series of events which led to the confederation of Canada, some which are more significant than others. Conservative Premier Charles Tupperambitious, aggressive and confident, went ahead with Confederation anyway, convinced that in the long run it would be best for Nova Scotia, and perhaps also for himself.

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Macdonald, were enemies did not help. Confederation had not been originally Macdonald's idea, but he was finally the one who took hold of it and made the running. They wanted the colonies to be more independent by forming a federal union.

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Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. He climbed his way to Parliament Hill and the position of Prime Minister along with a minority government in and has, ever since, used all means necessary to keep that — ever striving for a majority, which was finally achieved in the spring of Previous Next Nova Scotians were divided. As well, the cancellation of the free trade agreement with all of North America due to the establishment of Confederation raised Canada's economic status. This allowed agricultural products and raw materials to be sold across the border without high tariffs being paid. Thus, it is to Macdonald and his ideas that Canadians should look to understand the character of that union. Portrait of Louis Riel, This would increase trade and speed up mail delivery. Confederation meant Canada would have to pay for its own defence against any American aggression, rather than relying on colonial funds. Fielding — a self-described anti-confederate — led the Liberal Party to victory with a simultaneous call for secession and better subsidies from Ottawa. Union was discussed in the legislature of the Province of Canada and written about in newspapers with some frequency between and , usually as a remedy for a particular political or economic crisis. Macdonald, were enemies did not help.

Smallwood signing the agreement that brought Newfoundland into Canada, 11 December Inthe anti-Confederation government of A. Chapter 2. His government did not need to go to the polls until after Confederation was finalized.

Confederation — which would include separation of the two Canadas — was posed as a solution to these problems. Throughout this essay this statement will be proven by delving into the relations these both countries hold with their predecessor; England, by discovering their constitutional differences, and by analyzing matters surrounding the different uses of division of power Macdonald, premier of the province of Canada surprised the maritime politicians by asking if the Province of Canada could be included in the negotiations.

Official records of the Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences are sparse.

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