Naipauls the mimic men mimicking decultivation

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Hintzen, Percy C. But their definition of power is vague and unreliable.

He realizes that colonial societies like Isabella suffer from lack of cultural, historical, and racial homogeneity. Though I think Naipaul succeeds in what Ralph disclaims, I think The Mimic Men is brilliant in its analysis of the historical legacy of colonialism and some of its political and psychological effects, the issue, even the possibility, of political and personal transformation is hardly raised. But the ultimate hollowness and futility Ralph discovers in business and politics are mere echoes of a much more personal and profound emotional emptiness. He conceives of himself as protected by the West, since he thinks he is one of their own, and imagines a "celestial eye" that watches over him , Though Browne enters politics in order to eventually help Isabella achieve independence, Ralph claims he too "became a prisoner of his role" These seem to me very important questions and Naipaul's answers, explicit or implicit, all appear to be No, No, Yes, and No. How can a small country lacking in resources be expected to withstand the onslaught of the American plastic world? He is a Latin American from Panama and his name is Cato, because his family has spent much time in the British colonies. Henry Louis Gates. Hindu rituals have lost their meaning in Isabella as the people have lost their connection with India, its culture, customs and traditions. One needs to envision something new even when one is surrounded by the monuments of the aged.

The members of this group, like Ralph, have "all studied abroad and married abroad;" they were "a group to whom the island was a setting" and for whom "the past had been cut away" Aeneas is faced with a choice between trying to found a new Troy, in the image of the old, and founding a new civilization altogether.

Lemaire, Anika. Her MA dissertation was on the relationship between the real and the ideal in the odes of John Keats. It reinforced that sense of ownership which overcame me whenever I returned to the island after a trip abroad He refuses to attend the farewell dinner his school friends plan for him due to an impulsive "fear of warmth and friendship"

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V.S. Naipaul's "The Mimic Man"