My personal classroom management plan

For the first few weeks of school while students are practicing this procedure, double-check the attendance before you send it to the office. Most schools are required to have a fire drill once a month.

I may give out an unannounced quiz but not have it graded so I can find out where students are at.

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I think it is crucial in the beginning of the school year to state these rights and explain what the students need to do to have these rights. I want to make sure my students understand the material as well as using higher-order thinking skills to analyze, interpret or evaluate the material.

You will have time to prepare and go over your lesson before your class starts. Classroom management starts, for me, with very clear expectations, and firmly established procedures.

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It is essential that directions are heard and important points in class are heard. Continue giving directions once.

Classroom management plan essay

Remember that none of the students should have their backs to the board. There is not a drop of white paint to be seen. To me, this keeps a humane side of correcting a student. In these notebooks, students can show their creativity in designing a cover page for each unit as well as doing free-writes or reflections to the lessons and central questions right in the notebook. I believe that this may make it easier in the long run, but I do not think you have to use a teachable moment right from the start to have it be meaningful. Teacher and students will stay in the safety zone until someone comes and let them know it is all clear and safe to go back into the building. Professionally presented to your supervisor your notes and handouts. This is a major plus of a diverse classroom. There is also a nuanced distinction between doing something to look good or be rewarded, and doing something simply because it is right. I believe allowing students to be responsible for their behavior and actions allow them to have a sense of freedom. In the hallways, you can use your watch or smartphone. Classroom management begins even before the students enter the classroom on the first day.

The coach spends time teaching the play and making sure the players understand, and then the players practice over and over again until the play is routine. In terms of creating a safe environment for all to learn, I want to create an environment with positive and numerous student-teacher relationships.

Take interest in every child. We will not be solely learning the facts of history, but will be integrating art, math, geography, science and psychology to deepen our understanding of our units.

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My Classroom Management Plan Essay