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We meet her in the very first scene alongside her husband Connor Martin Csokas —they are in a couples therapy session, appearing like they have perhaps gone past the threshold where their marriage could be saved by a psychiatrist.

Advertisement Here, he is the lonely, awkwardly precocious eight-year-old Wes, coping with the loss of his infant sister in the strangest possible way: growing an obsession towards Mongolia, and eventually convincing himself that he might be … a Mongolian goat herder.

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Sometimes, what could make you existentially whole is a world away. What do you think the title means? Perhaps not. On the other hand, Alise and Connor are taking steps to work together with the same goal of saving their marriage, but since they fight and disagree, is that still teamwork?

As a mother who's trying to pull herself out of a mountain of grief, Farmiga gets the most opportunity to show her chops, but every player gives a riveting, informative, emotive performance.

Is Melinda just a misunderstand wallflower or is there something darker underneath that overly-nice surface? Popular Blog Posts. The couple is sex-starved and Alise, entirely removed from physical intimacy, has been pressuring Connor to get a girlfriend.

How is the Mongolian way of life different from the American one? When she starts doing things like dipping her finger in the freshly-brewed coffee to feel the burn, suspicion that she may more than just an oddball rises. As Melinda makes more and more mistakes, including some choices that lead to tragedy and criminal behavior on her part, the tonal balancing act of this character becomes even more impressive.

Is it still teamwork if people are working together but have different goals?

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