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Thus, this scene actually establishes the setting and background information of the ensuing conflict. Yet Ophelia, who is considered to have died by suicide, is buried in hallowed ground. In the meanwhile, the Ghost appears and all three are in a horrified state. Then he compares the situation of Denmark with that of Rome before the death of Julius Caesar.

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Synecdoche Synecdoche means to use small parts to represent the whole, or use the whole to represent few parts. They have come to inform Hamlet about the appearance of the Ghost. These vowel sounds have occurred in repetition, creating a musical quality to the lines.

Detailed Analysis Characters Hamlet The central figure of the play, Hamlet is introduced as a downcast person, busy in mourning the death of his father, and fond of talking to his friend, Horatio.

Literary devices in hamlet act 1 scene 3

Therefore, this ghost is deus ex machina in Hamlet. In the meanwhile, his friend Horatio appears with his guard colleagues. Shakespeare was a master in dealing with meter, and he demonstrated this mastery in Hamlet by using iambic pentameter. However, this also reveals that he has little respect for his uncle. Diction As has been the fashion, the diction of this scene is also full of archaic words. King Claudius King Claudius is the villain of the play. They are guarding a post in the fort of Elsinore, which is a sort of platform in the castle. Related posts:. This flabbergasts both the king and the queen. Shakespeare uses aside for Hamlet when all go out at the end of this scene. It evokes a mystery world in which there is a confrontation between unknowns, which is the real area of concern for this play. In his loneliness, he delivers his first soliloquy. She tries to pacify Hamlet, but Hamlet confounds her by playing upon words. Although other three guards are of similar mental capability, Horatio is not only close to Prince Hamlet, but has superior mental faculty to the other three characters. Archaic Shakespeare has used several archaic words, as was the tradition at that time.

Secondly, Laertes is introduced here as the son of Polonius, but he is actually a foil to Hamlet, who makes Hamlet prominent as he kills him for revenge, while Hamlet asks Horatio to present justification of his actions. They are performing their duty as guards on the platform in the castle of Elsinore.

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Hamlet Themes and Literary Devices