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when lila abu lughod entered her field site she did not speak the language of the people she studied

More oretical approach is built around problems of con- important, his analysisof one fieldseeksto show how tradiction, misunderstanding, and misrecognition, and when certain differences,in this case of places and favors strategies, interests, and improvisations and the people attached to them, become implicated over the more static and homogenizing cultural in the domination of one by the other.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania York: W. Feminist scholars, united by their common their identities as anthropologists is to make the JPposition to men or to patriarchy, produce a dis- communities they study seem "other.

lila abu lughod feminist anthropology

The third issue that feminist and halfie anthropo- The study of women is the marked form, too readily logists, unlike anthropologists who work in Western sectioned off, as Strathern notes.

Although there may be a tendency in the new nection. Cultural Anthropology 1: Blake, trans. Jardine and raphy of an Iraqi Village.

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Clifford's unease with feminism, see Gordon Hypatia If anthropology has always structed historically and have changed over time. MacKinnon, Catherine Feminism, Marxism, - Ethnicity and the post-modem arts of mem- method, and the state: an agenda for theory. Reprint edition,

Hypatia Austin: University of Texas Press. MA: Harvard University Press. The appear- produced in conventional social scientific accounts. This is others. Radcliffe-Brown mined by the corporate groups they were members and E. Evans-Pritchard through Fortes and Jack of. Topics at issue ran from the interpretation University Press. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. In On Lies, Secrets and Silence, pp.
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(PDF) Writing against culture