Is life for us better than

You gotta have your own car.

Settle in usa or india

I woke up wondering what my purpose in the US was. Here are five things Americans could stand to learn from other countries about working and living well. In India if you are good enough to crack an entrance and get into a govt engg college, you pay less than 5 times than in US. Now we can do so in India. But it is also apparent in many European and Asian nations, as well as the U. Its about experiencing the difference. I woke up missing India. Transform Phase 21 to 28 years : This an excitement phase which starts right from India after getting the US visa.

Let me portray the typical life cycle of Indians in the USA with their living conditions and then I will let you decide whether settling in the USA is worth or not.

Europeans tend to see the past half-century as a period of progress.

Life of nri in usa

If Russians do not even respect themselves, why should their rulers? But I was unhappy. Full-time American workers get an average of 8. The Swedish government knows that long hours don't necessarily lead to greater productivity -- and in fact, research suggests they might even decrease employee output. In Brazil, Lithuania, Finland, France and Russia, employees who have worked more than 10 years at the same company get at least 40 days off, CNN reported. The agreement will extend to roughly , employees in technology and consulting -- including Google, Facebook and Deloitte -- The Guardian reported. You may say Hi to a guy on elevator for 10yrs and still know nothing about him. Things have changed in last few years. First baby arrives and parents and in-laws visit America. The quality of construction is low, internal planning is haphazardous, and contrary to rumors, my inquiries indicates that the presence of nuclear shelters are very much the exception, not the rule. Medical Expenses Medical facilities are better, but very expensive.

Denmark ranks first in the world in childcare services -- the government provides "universal nursery care" to all citizens, a major step toward better work-life balance for working parents. They cannot think of going back because of kids and setting up everything from scratch in India would be a daunting task.

If Russians do not even respect themselves, why should their rulers? Starts green card process to continue living in American dream. I have to thank HSB for starting this thread.

is india safer than usa

That is the reason probably, why people become so obsessed with US lifestyle. One single answer for this question is scope for higher income, savings, low stress and a happy life without any common issues we experience in India. In a Guardian poll, 67 percent of readers said that they thought the new initiative was a good idea.

Couple is very happy in the beginning with vacation trips and parties.

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Is Settling in USA worth it for Indians.?