Inter professional education working and learning

Overview[ edit ] Interprofessional learning involves students learning from students from other professions, as well as learning with students from other professions, for example in the classroom, and learning about other professions.

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IPE aims to increase knowledge of the skills and the scopes of practice of other health professionals, to build trust, and to break down professional hierarchies which are barriers to interdisciplinary respect and trust [ 618 ]. Search strategy is shown in Table 1.

Based on the components derived from these articles, the features of this component were explained by experts.

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Five themes, including the subject of interprofessional continuing education, objectives, content, learning strategy, and evaluation strategies, were extracted from them. These clips provided a basis for facilitated discussions related to living with long-term conditions, understanding patients and their context, and the nature, make-up, and role of health care teams.

The Framework highlights the current status of interprofessional collaboration around the world, identifies the mechanisms that shape successful collaborative teamwork, and outlines a series of action items that policymakers can apply within their local health system.

These students did not receive any structured long-term condition management education or IPE during the study period, however, some students on clinical placement may have interacted with patients with long-term conditions or received clinical tutorials related to long-term conditions.

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The University of Otago, Wellington has developed an IPE programme over the past four years which focuses on the management of people who have long-term conditions. Analysis of covariance compared mean post-intervention scale scores adjusted for baseline scores.

The results were simultaneously transferred to EndNote software. IPE is by definition an interactive learning modality, and is distinct from multidisciplinary learning approaches where students from different disciplines are simply taught side by side [ 20 ].

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Designing and developing a continuing interprofessional education model