Importance of mines safety week in improvement of safety in mines

There have also been several industry shifts that have improved mine site safety. The method required workers to enter potentially unsafe environments, and limited the range of the mapping work to areas that could be seen by the camera, two drawbacks that drones overcome, as they can be remotely operated and fly much farther into underground chambers.

Regulation Places of accidents not to be disturbed unless otherwise permitted by Chief Inspector or Inspector. Workers at all levels are involved in the process of decision making on risk management for its effective implementation through greater involvement.

Frictional heat and sparks generated by mining equipment can ignite both methane gas and coal dust.

department of mines safety

Furthermore, mode advanced techniques, such as augmented reality, provide unique training opportunities, enabling workers to familiarise themselves with a particular mine or set of operations in a controlled and safe environment.

Management makes necessary provisions for the purpose keeping in view the profitability of operations and statutory provisions in this regard. Our workers must remain vigilant and focused, assessing each task and each trip from a fresh perspective. Watering down in coal mines also helps to keep dust levels down: by spraying the machine with water and filtering the dust-laden water with a scrubber fan, miners can successfully trap the dust.

The presence of harmful gases poses a similar threat, with carbon monoxide levels of just 0. What is the staff strength of DGMS and what is its jurisdiction?

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Mining safety interview with Equinox Gold