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Population Division Workpaper Nr. The current debates and hostility to immigrants echo throughout American history. In recent decades, these statuses have multiplied due to changes in immigration policy, creating different paths and multiplying the roadblocks to integration into American society. However, there is a considerable body of research which shows that the motivations for international migration are huge and that the rewards to migrants, employers, and societies both sending and receiving are enormous. By , there were over 30 million foreign-born persons in the United States, of whom almost one-third arrived in the prior decade. For three decades, the battle over immigration restriction was waged in the court of public opinion and in Congress. They were seeking asylum from dangerous conditions in their home country. The estimates of the non-English-origin population in range from 20 to 40 per cent.

The Obama-era initiative provided legal status to the children of undocumented immigrants under the age of 31, as of Population Division Workpaper Nr. No copies of this work may be distributed electronically, in whole or in part, without written permission from Transit. It is difficult to measure the society that immigrants are integrating into when the society itself does not remain static.

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Yet naturalization rates in the United States lag behind other countries that receive substantial numbers of immigrants. The common anti-immigration refrain that immigrants are a drain on social welfare is a myth.

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The Immigration Restriction League, founded by young Harvard-educated Boston Brahmins inadvocated a literacy test to slow the tide of immigration. Immigration and migration in America: social impact and social response.

In effect, it is this group that is largely responsible for keeping pension funds and social security well financed; while driving the US economy forward into the next generation. Immigrants have every incentive to learn English, educate themselves, and participate productively in broader society.

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Immigrants have brought blue jeans, Google, tacos, Apple, hip-hop, and way too many other things to the US than we can list here.

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