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Both poems explore the concept of childhood, they both speak from the perspective of an older one, one who was expericened it first hand.

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Possessions Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Other Poets section. This poem tells us what these qualities are. Kipling spent the first six years of his idyllic life in India until his family moved back to England in There is one thing you can relate to in a person if you really look deep down inside and try. Kipling's biographer, Andrew Lycett, considers the poem one of the writer's finest and notes in that "If-" is absolutely valuable even in the complicated postmodern world: "In these straitened times, the old-fashioned virtues of fortitude, responsibilities and resolution, as articulated in 'If-', become ever more important. Related Papers. At the start of the poem stanza 1 the emotion is generally quite sad and more depressing then the rest of the poem. This phrase sends a message to keep a balance. Throughout the poem there are only two main sentences, from stanza one to three, and the last stanza is its own sentence. In my personal opinion, I think it is quite impossible. Everybody gets angry, no matter how hard you try to keep calm; there is a limit to how much you can stand. Twenty-seven of the Nations of the Earth translated them into their seven-and-twenty tongues, and printed them on every sort of fabric. Paragraph 1: Credibility of source The document is a primary source, written by Theodore Roosevelt himself at the point of time to Senator Knox, giving original evidence in light to our argument. Many authors have shown that vision through poetry and writing. Kipling has a very specific way he believes this should be done.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Under the Treaty of Paris inthe Philippine sovereignty was transferred from Spain to the United States and thus the United States emerged as an imperialistic nation dedicated to progress.

In stanza one, the message is the value in rejecting negative opinions from others and maintaining one's individuality and self esteem in the face of criticism. Corrective action can then be taken to prevent further failures. Through the analysis of primary sources dealing with imperialism, one can take an objective stance to view the effect that this newly established political system had on the industrialized and agrarian states of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Eliot would deem it only "great verse" and others "jingoistic nonsense," it is consistently ranked among the highest, if not the highest itself, of Britons' favorite poems.

No questions asked. Stanza two counsels patience and advises readers on how to react to difficult situations. Yet the author says that even though everybody is against you, everybody blames you, regardless of the fact whether you did the act or not, you should have a cool head.

Jameson was arrested and tried, but he was already being hailed a hero by London, which was filled with anti-Boer sentiment.

Kipling published this poem when the Americans were conquering different places. Schools, and places where they teach, took them for the suffering Young - which did me no good with the Young when I met them later.

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Analysis Of The Poem ' If ' By Rudyard Kipling