Gcse northern ireland coursework

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Short courses also allow more able students to take extra subjects, like a second language. Currently teachers in each school design the work and mark it, and outside moderators check samples of results across the country.

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By encouraging your daughter to keep to deadlines. John Dunford of the Association of School and College Leaders said: "Coursework has a major contribution to make to exam grades because it can be used to test a much wider variety of knowledge and skills than a written exam lasting a couple of hours.

Gcse northern ireland coursework

Wales and Northern Ireland have also changed their exam systems. Coursework at home You can see that certain times of year are especially busy with coursework, depending on the subjects which a girl is taking. The survey also found that more schools in England were starting GCSE courses in year 9, three years before exams are taken in year Consultation is taking place about what kind of supervision there should be for this work, ranging from direct to loose. Short courses also allow more able students to take extra subjects, like a second language. By being aware of the tasks to be done and the times when they should be done. Science coursework will not be affected. John Bangs from the National Union of Teachers said cheating was not widespread but the issue did need looking at. Pressure of work is a real issue for pupils at the GCSE stage as they endeavour to cope successfully with all aspects of their school work. Two-thirds of teachers surveyed for the study had said they did not think coursework was valid and reliable. If your exams don't go well If you think something may have gone wrong with marking your exam, your school or FE college can ask for a re-mark or recount. Reliable The changes follow a review by the exams and curriculum body for England the QCA, working closely with counterparts in Wales and Northern Ireland.

They can also be a useful option if your timetable at school or college prevents you from taking a full GCSE. This is an obvious and strict rule.

You will carry out your own investigations and will often produce a portfolio of work.

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This is because science GCSE courses changed last year and much of the coursework involved is already done in school.

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