Frankenstein and paradise lost essay

This quote starts the story off in a very dramatic way bringing in the idea of creation and creator before the first chapter starts.

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Victor focuses so fully on giving the creature life that he completely ignores any repercussions that may occur after his creation lives. This may be due to Mary taking influences from Paradise Lost to add to her story. When we nowadays consider artistic production as being a form of self-expression, instead of the result of adherence to carefully laid out canons of rules and measures, we are subscribing to Romantic theory about poetry.

They both describe the forces that threaten humankind. On reading the popular novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, by Goethe, the Creature feels sympathy for the anguish of the young lover.

When Frankenstein oversteps the boundaries of appropriate science and refuses to name his son as his own, he becomes the cruel master of someone he sees as satanic. While many have tried to combine the two to make a cohesive argument as to how the world came to be and the rules that guide it, for example creationism, the general consensus is that the two are completely separate sets of beliefs that do not complement each other.

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Therefore, regardless of Frankenstein's categorization being that of science fiction, Mary Shelley reveals her own fears and thoughts, and, as a result, reveals a great deal about the time and place in which she wrote. His natural feelings of good transform into feelings of vengeance and bitterness toward the human race.

However, he always refused to separate himself from creatures he wanted to talk to and transformed himself into a self-identifying Satan from Paradise Lost.

Everywhere the creature went he was beaten and treated like a monster because of his ugly physical appearance. Later on, the creature decides to save a little girl from drowning and he is rewarded by getting shot.

Initially, Satan was created by God, righteous and faithful to serve, but Satan also lost God's grace.

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Frankenstein Compared to Paradise Lost