Female circumcision a sociological perspective

All the statements were reviewed for similarities and differences. Getting married and having children is a survival strategy in a society plagued by poverty, disease and illiteracy Myers. Most societies that cut girls also cut boys; some groups that engage in cutting have relatively permissive sexual rules for women, some do not; and female genital cutting practices are typically controlled and organized by women correspondingly, men control male genital surgeries.

That means information from different sources is the powerful tool to disseminate the harmful effect of FGC among the study population.

educational theories linked to fgm

A recent study from the region have reported a prevalence of When a young girl is about to be circumcised, her mother or other women and girls in her society will tell her that she is becoming a woman, that this will help her stay pure, and she will be beautiful. In the course of interactions with other girls, the positive meanings associated with circumcisions are learned.

Benevolent strangers who try to stop cutting in communities, as well as top-down laws instituted by politicians often in response to Western pressureare very rarely successful. Although the practice is common in Iraqi and Iranian Kurdish areas [ 10 ], it is less common in other parts of Iraq and in Kurdish areas in neighboring Turkey.

Conclusions Female genital cutting is still a contentious issue among women in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Other studies in Ethiopia stated that families are forced to practice FGC, due to fear of stigma and discrimination by the community. At marriage, the authority over the bride is transferred to her husband.

They often circumcise their children at Just a few days old, much like male circumcision in the United States and Europe Houses.

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After the Q-sample was created, the Q-sort was developed, which involved creating a quasi-normal distribution with a specific number of cells equal to the number of the Q-sample statements. Once the set of statements was confirmed, they were translated to Kurdish language.

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Female Circumcision: A Sociological Perspective Essay Example