Facdebook how it changed social society

Facebook Changed the Way We View Privacy Facebook has lots of data, and it was collected from you or users just like you. It is used by millions of people around the world; there are high school students, college students, family members and friends using this tool to simply keep in touch with one another, while other people have come to use Facebook for business purposes.

One group were asked to post more updates than usual for one week — this led them to feel less lonely and more connected to their friends. Hide Caption 13 of 17 Photos: Facebook's biggest changes Verified accounts — Following a trend made popular by Twitter, Facebook allowed select Pages for people, sports, media and government to become verified in With millions of account holders, it is hard to find an individual who does not associate with Facebook.

Hide Caption 11 of 17 Photos: Facebook's biggest changes Hello, Timeline — In the spring ofFacebook forced all users to convert to its Timeline profile layout, which arranged updates in chronological order, searchable by year.

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It's still unclear what the NSA claims will mean for Facebook in the long-term, but there's one thing you can bet on in the next decade: As long as people use Facebook, privacy will be an issue. News travels fast on social media, and the last thing a brand wants is for an angry customer to tell all his friends about a poor experience.

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News Feed is not without faults, of course. Your photos, your thoughts, your favorite videos, movies, and books — what used to be personal is now plastered on your social profile, and almost everyone is guilty of oversharing at one point or another.

Facdebook how it changed social society
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The Impact of Facebook on Society