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Most people had the experience that got a phone call which basically told them to remove all their money to a safety bank account since they were suspicious in money laundering.

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For example, I had a neighbour who pampered his child with all the modern gadgets and the kid spent most of his time playing internet games and watching unwanted movies which spoiled his career in studies. He was so poor he could hardly pay his rent, and survived by eating dog food.

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It is how an individual perceives it and acts taking only the good things from the change. Your original line, written as close to the original but corrected for grammar and meaning.

And it is not an entertaining device but entertains everyone. Internet, in the same way, was considered as the significant progress of information and technology revolution in human civilization.

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No one could deny that they had been the victims of the virus which can disseminate worldwide within minutes, as long as computer has internet access.

In many parts of the world, Mary Poppins is now a classic and well-known tale.

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To be fair, Disney lived in an age when these things were unfortunately pretty common. Advertising educates consumers about the uses of the products hence increasing its value in minds of the consumers. Those who support Disney say that he may have been a little insensitive, but that he was not a bad person. That is why people can Take the Vocabulary Quiz. What's the catch? Afterwards, hackers will sell those personal information to the fraudulent organizations. Importantly students are affected the most because of over exposure to the world. But advertising helps increase value for the products by showing the positive image of the product which in turn helps convincing customers to buy it. This almost always used in the negative "not black and white".
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