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There are a few different variations of this method out there, but most are extremely similar. A marker cannot deduct marks from you simply because they disagree with your argument.

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Part B of the personality section This part of Section III is widely regarded as being the most difficult question on the exam paper, especially when the question involves a quote.

What does that look like? An essay will not be strong without hard evidence supporting it.

To find out more and get started with an inspirational tutor and mentor get in touch today! Allows you to test your argument skills It tests your ability to argue as you have to convince the marker why the point you are making in your Modern History essay is true. Questions If anyone has any questions about this guide, modern essay writing or the subject in general, please feel free to send me a PM or make a post in this thread I'll try to check it regularly. Although the vast majority of markers would disagree, if your answer is supported by strong evidence and analysis, you will do well. You need to ensure that you are not spending more than 45 minutes on each section. Questions are often directed to one side of the argument through their wording. Also, big thanks to LoveHateSchool for helping me edit the guide. As such, poor grammar can indirectly cost you marks. Writing an essay and not having it marked is near useless in my view. As a bonus, this shows that you have thought extensively about the question. It is in Thesis, and Structure, that students often lose the most marks! My main recommendation is to, for your own benefit, write out what your thesis IS in one or two sentences.

To find out more and get started with an inspirational tutor and mentor get in touch today! As my modern teacher used to say, even an essay with strong analysis and factual evidence will struggle to get a band 5 if it is poorly structured.

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Essentially, Albert Speer was swept along with the Nazi wave, and he used these events to his advantage in becoming the Reich Minister for Armaments and War Production.

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