Essay on life skills education

Role of teacher in life skill education

On the positive side, it is assumed that receiving a high grade will motivate students to continue or renew their efforts. Despite the clear value of having courses such as these in high school, less and less students are able to experience this class, as a result of curriculums evolving and budget cuts. This is the essence of personal development, a set of skills designed to help you reach your full potential, at work, in study and in your personal life. An effective implementation strategy will help the youth to practice it in their life. Its a battle that begins at a young age, and its one that will probably last a lifetime. Therefore students are forced to believe that exams are more important than anything. Teachers who believe that education is mainly about accumulating certificates, diplomas and degrees are going to instil in their students a fear of tests and exams. The section also contains useful information about real-world maths , including budgeting , understanding interest , and loans and savings , all of which could save you money in both the short and longer term.

In many circles, reproductive health education, population education and family welfare education are interchangeably used to convey the same meaning.

Our pages Improving Self-Esteem and Building Confidence provide practical ways to overcome these issues.

importance of life skills essay

They may also do more creative projects, such as building lamps, stools, bookshelves, making clothes, and sewing wallets Gross-Loh, 1. The world is becoming a wealthy place each day and makes education essential for a wealthy living. Related posts:.

Essay on life skills education

Having all said and done, why has the concept of education still being misapprehended? Schools have been formulating their curriculums around the test.

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This may also extend to lessons on personal development, interpersonal skills and behaviors, and decision-making: qualities that are advantageous both in the workplace and at home.

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Life Skills Essay