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However my chemistry was of no real use. Society esteems the wise for their virtuosity and for their rarity.

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Knowledge is everywhere. Is that an important enough reason to try to retain useful knowledge?

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While wisdom means the quality of being wise: good judgment. And back again since June Tuesday, September 18, Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers My high school teachers perhaps made my life more prosaic--literally, as in they did not do enough to help me understand and appreciate poetry. As the knowledge lingers, we remember, and we act, and we become wise. Truths stay with a person for the rest of his or her life, coloring all subsequent thoughts and actions. So I tend to write things down. We learn all kinds of things, or at least we are exposed to it. I can imagine that it has probably happened to you. Since then, I have encountered way too many arrogant pseudo-intellectuals more than wise ones and, hence, appreciate Nozick even more : Maybe it is the mere "knowing" and an attitude of know-it-all, sans any wisdom, that irks people? Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. This is another one of those classic quotes. What do you tend to forget? We are literally awash in a sea of information! We forget things.

How do you determine what you are going to retain? Short but sweet, and exactly on point.

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Now I imagine that face merging with the face in front of me. This quote implies that we have two challenges when we come across a new bit of knowledge.

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Alfred Lord Tennyson