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The sale of Louisiana occurred as soon as Monroe arrived; however, news of the sale was a little bit slower to reach home. In the late s the United States consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of President Madison In no way, shape or form, did we ever believe that our nation would expand so rapidly. Native Americans, colonists, and us today use rivers in some way or another. This transaction was done between Thomas Jefferson and the great Napoleon. During the time, the north underwent major social, industrial, and economic changes known as the Antebellum Period. Spain acknowledged this and allowed the United States to continue its use of this port under the Pinckney Treaty of Later in his presidency, Jefferson changed from his strict views to a loose interpretation of the Constitution using the Implied Powers as his reason. Rivers are extremely important to the individuals who live in the areas around them. It enabled the US to gain a strategic trade route through the Mississippi river and to acquire much farmland. It stunned many people. Also petty things like no toothbrushes or unsterile water cause many of the diseases. However, it took another three months to push the amendment while Napoleon was tentative and could change his mind at any time.

Thus, President Jefferson had to find the optimal solution that would allow acting quickly and constitutionally. However, this agreement did not bring projected prominence and numerous benefits to the US.

Essay history louisiana purchase

Jefferson proved his hypocrisy through his changing interpretation of the Constitution and his policies regarding the Louisiana Purchase did not cohere with his previously strict views Both factions conflicting ideas towards the issues affecting the nation. France had later found itself in need of funding for the war they were fighting in Europe. The Northern states and Federalists opposed the idea of westward expansion while the Southern States and the Jeffersonians backed this purchase France was motivated to sell the territory to the United States in the face of threat of war with Britain. There were many reasons that made the people face the grueling and dangerous movement west, but the primary reason was economy. He did not believe the Implied Powers were valid. President Thomas Jefferson and many other U. The industrial economy took place in the North while the cotton kingdom took place in the South These diseases included boils, dysentery, frost bite, appendicitis, tooth aches, mouth sores, cholera, and many more. During this search in , they became upon Native Americans who occupied millions of untouched land The purchasing of the Louisiana territory was a complicated deal for the President Thomas Jefferson. The biggest dilemma for Jefferson was that on the one hand, he understood the direct benefits of the purchase.

The history of the Louisiana Territory was mostly that of ownership transfers between Spain and France. The purchase ofsquare miles of land for approximately 4 cents an acre or 15 million dollars was made.

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Both factions conflicting ideas towards the issues affecting the nation. The acquired land in this historical purchase proved to far outweigh what most Americans at the time could imagine. This action caused worry as the Mississippi River was a major commerce trade that could cause massive economic sanctions if France gained control of Louisiana. Historian Robert Tucker described Jefferson's life as being a paradox It was exchanged, for an important reason. People were walking through knee length water on Bourbon Street and all the buildings looked so pretty since most of them were vintage and had a voodoo touch to them Furthermore, it was an examination of conscience for President Thomas Jefferson, as he grappled with the constitutionality of an acquisition of this magnitude. Although, few are aware of the most difficult, if not hypocritical choices that challenged Jefferson and his morals. However, the desire by France to re-establish its empire in North America prompted a re-establishment of its control over the territory of Louisiana in but revolt by slaves in Saint-Domingue, which is the present day Haiti, and a threat of war with Britain motivated the French to sell the entire territory to the Americans. Geography, however is a very broad topic; it includes several things such as climate, physical features, size, and natural resources. Pressures or misfortunes such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a significant role Essay Writing Tutorials.

When Thomas Jefferson become president onone of his top goals was to take possession of the port of New Orleans The Louisiana Purchase was used to acquire land predominantly owned by the French, and added much of the southern and mid-western United States.

The compromise was made impossible by due to disagreement over states' rights, intense growth in sectionalism and dispute over the morals of slavery.

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France, in defeat, signed away land to both Britain and to Spain.

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