Dark subjects to write about

And then you are relieved to see that she did survive though not without scars.

Dark fantasy writing prompts

Anniversary: Write about the anniversary of a special date. Opposites: Write a poem or story that ties in together two opposites. And THAT is how you write rebelliously about something dark. Writing about the gritty truths, I may pass on a sense of resilience and even rebellion to the reader. Writing saved my life and writing has almost driven me mad. Ie: It is raining cats and dogs I gave a detailed description of just how this happened. What are people doing? Garage: Write about some random item you might find in a garage. Write down the sounds you hear. Oh so Lonely: Write a poem about what you do when you are alone — do you feel lonely or do you enjoy your own company? Frame It: Write a poem or some phrases that would make for good wall art in your home.

The common thread here in all of these books is that the person committing these atrocities is generally seen as mentally unstable, often a serial killer, or violent person—deranged, and out of control.

Collection: Write about collecting something, such as salt shakers, sea shells, or stamps. Hero: Write a tribute to someone you regard as a hero.

twisted writing prompts

Yes, the villain is an essential part of a good thriller, but he or she is not the only important part. Alternatively, you can cut out words and phrases from magazines.

Trippy writing prompts

The research was intense. In many cases, silence is a self-protective measure but it also prevents others from knowing the reality of these issues and getting help. Teamwork: Write about working with a team towards a common goal. These assassins are his bodyguards, his police force, and his generals; they kill anyone he deems unnecessary, are not above terrifying women, and wear each of their kills as a scar on their shoulder. Share Tweet Pinterest If you want to become a better writer, the best thing you can do is practice writing every single day. Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! I fell in love with the characters and latched onto a solid motif and got to write a song about the FOIL method and I hate math.

Cravings: Write about craving something. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Write about a time when you saw hope when it seemed like a hopeless situation.

Mailbox: Open your mailbox and write something inspired by one of the pieces of mail you received. How does the planet cope?

dark fantasy story ideas

Admiration: Is there someone you admire?

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Writing about Difficult Topics: Bringing Dark Corners into the Light