Company analysis of old chang kee

The high return on equity of This is due to its high current and quick ratio of 1.

old chang kee financial analysis

Management of Retail Mercantile establishments All of the retail mercantile establishments will be oversee and managed by Our General Manager, Chow Hui Shien who is assisted by a man squad consisting of one director, executives and supervisor.

In addition there is a host of reference information provided. The retail mercantile establishments are classified into five country groups based in their location.

Company analysis of old chang kee

Yes, it is a good company, but I feel the price being paid for the business relative to the intrinsic value calculated through my company analysis is far too much. The main problem uncovered from the company analysis stems from the rise in labour costs in which we can keep a close eye out for.

Gross Profit has also risen gradually in tandem at an average rate of 5.

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Company Analysis of Old Chang Kee