Chesapeake bay and new england dbq

Indentured servants were low on the social ladder, of course, but, they still had the possibility of being free men eventually and acquiring land and even prospering economically. Tobacco proved very profitable and production grew rapidly. Bacon, along with many other landless freemen, was enraged that they had been disfranchised and so were forced to move into the backcountry where they faced Native attacks. The two sections of the English colonization were the New England and Chesapeake region. Life in New England was centered on the family unit These strong willed Europeans, determined to find to a new world, set out with high hopes and ambitions. As seen from the ship's list of emigrants bound for New England on the Weymouth in , emigrants were mostly families. Sample Essay 2: Good score of 6 As England began to take interest in the "New World", colonization by Englishmen began to spread drastically in the 's. Reprinted with permission. Having fled England because of religious persecution, the Puritans placed a greater emphasis on religion. Although the two regions were both settled by Englishmen, the regions possessed major differences….

The Virginia area, on the other hand didn't. The political set up of the colonies was also different.

Chesapeake bay and new england dbq

Additionally, they turned to the coastline and built harbors to fish rather than farm, unlike their Southern counterparts. Although both were settled largely by people of English origin, by these two regions had evolved into two distinct societies, due mainly to reasons involving the reasons for settlement, geographical differences leading to different economics, religion and politics.

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The tobacco industry required extensive labor which initially was not available. For example, Joseph Hull of Somerset immigrated to Weymouth with his family of eight and his servants. Sharing similar values, interests and cultures may be the basis for forming a community The growing tobacco industry increasingly needed labor and slaves provided the greatest amount of labor. However, it was quite evident that the New England area and the Chesapeake colonies had developed into two different societies by the 18 th century. Since both of these groups were beset with issues that were unique to their regions and due to their exposure to different circumstances, each was forced to rethink and reconstruct their societies. Governor Berkeley in and his council were forced to ask the king for help. Different causes lead to different effects. Why did this difference in development occur. These settlements in New England were dominated by religion. Family and religion played a big role in the development of the New England colonies.

Without a lot of land, farmers did not use many workers to run their farms. These difference led to different economies. The Virginia region was different. While religion moulded the daily life in New England, Money and tobacco farming dominated the Chesapeake The College of William and Mary was founded in to train a better class of clerics for the Anglican Church.

Although the two regions were both settled by Englishmen, the regions possessed major differences…. Many other European men gave years of their servitude in hopes of eventually becoming free men and possibly acquiring land of their own in America.

how were the societies in new england and the chesapeake diverging

In New England, Puritan values created close- knit communities congregationalism. To solve the labor shortage issue, various methods were attempted.

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US History DBQ Essay: New England and Chesapeake Essay Example