Business reporting in hcm process and forms

HR practices are not restricted; anyone can start a process, and any role — not just a technical one — can be involved at any step along the way.

Learn how to configure and optimize HCM Processes and Forms with ease through real-world examples, step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks. With PCR, a manager could trigger a change request for an employee, a higher manager could approve the request, and in a final step, an HR administrator could process the transaction.

The HR administrator makes his entry — Personnel Area, for example — checks it, and clicks "Check and Send" to move the form forward in the process. The standard HCM Processes and Forms scenario assumes that an employee is selected first, the process or form is selected, and then the process or form can be edited.

business reporting in hcm process and forms

The manager clicks on the relevant process — Transfer, in our example — and then sees the relevant form for processing. SAP e-Recruiting Complete web based recruitment application, which delivers management functions for recruitment department of an organization to locate the right talent.

In other words, this third step updates the employee's HR master data according to the new information from the form see Figure 2.

sap hcm process and forms workflow
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