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Ginger grammar checker Ginger software is an affordable alternative to Grammarly.

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First, you have WYSIWYG what you see is what you get word processors, which are similar to Microsoft Word and Google Docs, where you can highlight text and change formatting by selecting buttons or using keyboard shortcuts — all of which is visible within the document. Grammarly The kindly grandma of all writing apps.

Airstory is a useful tool for non-fiction writers who like to capture and cite reading materials online. Much like Ulysses, you can create documents without your fingers leaving the keyboard. You can even set a timer and challenge yourself to write against the clock. There are many Social Sharing WordPress Plugins available, use these plugins to make it easy for readers to share your awesome content.

You can use Grammarly as a browser extension, as an online tool, as a desktop app or as an add-in for MS Word. Overwriters use ProWritingAid to spare their copy blushes.

You will find out that some of these apps have cloud support built into them.

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How To Get Published 9. Try Vellum Pickfu Your book title is just as important as the cover. If you are a blogger, chances are you have to churn out content on a regular basis. Then, what makes you win the battle? I find it helpful for silly mistakes, tiresome little niggles, too many spaces and so on. What you might not know is that you can make your experience with creating content even better, only if you would invest in some writing apps that suit your needs. This goes on to underline the need for writing software which offers you a distraction-free mode of writing.

It was created in two months by two year-old American college students. Bonus tip: Here is a detailed guide on how one can use Gifs in marketing strategy.

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Read it Here! Later, when writing a newsletter or article in Google Docs, drag that clipping with a citation into your document.

Different bloggers have different needs.

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