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The air we breathe has contaminated because of uncontrolled release of harmful vehicular and industrial smokes. Researches have shown that on road vehicles contribute to one third of the air pollution that produces smog and results in the emission of greenhouse gases. Other pollutants include smoke from combustion, greenhouse gasses emission e. Buildings and houses should be designed in a way so as to use natural resources to the fullest. Moreover, states should develop the global programs of the environment protection as the problem is not limited to a particular territory or state. Ethics in advertising research papers, media as an agent of gender socialization essay dead poets society movie response essay essay finally i. We as an individual can take pledge to keep our society clean, free from any littering waste and to inform the concerned authorities when we encounter such littering or garbage.

Use your essay to discuss the health effects of this shortage on people all over the world. The environmental pollution has greatly affected the quality of life for animals, plants and humans.

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As the human population increases, it is understood that the environment will change; scenic roads become busy interstates, livestock pastures transform into shopping centers, peaceful forests are destroyed to make room for waste.

Conclusion: One cannot deny that the polluted environment in urban India is a ticking time bomb. Improve your symptoms with our effective drugs. The elements of our environment are declining day by day because of the man made technological disaster.

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The Indian government has declared a state of emergency for environmental pollution in the urban areas. By comparing and contrasting leaded petrol with the unleaded variety, explain the impact each type has on people's health. Go Paperless Reduce the use of paper in your work place. To do so we should teach and aware communities for such problem and let people understand how it can be fixed. Citing an example, pathogens grow well with sewage, while inorganic and organic compounds that are in water can make the composition of water to change. Various human activities such as use of unchecked Air Conditioners, pesticides etc results in the emission of ODS Ozone Depleting Substances also known as secondary pollutants, which results in the holes into the ozone layer exposing living beings to harmful UV rays from the sun. Noise Pollution: This is caused anytime there is a noise that has intensity higher than 85db and it reaches the bare ears.

Types of Environmental Pollution: Air Pollution: This is probably the most dangerous and common form of environmental pollution and it has been seen to be synonymous with urbanisation.

However, the environmental pollution has become one of the biggest threats for Earth.

200 word essay save our environment

Long and Short Essay on Environment in English A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life. However the plastic used for packaging of medicines and drugs, milk and treatment of solid waste is exempted from the ban. It has become a major worldwide issue which cannot be solved by the effort of one. Clean environment is very much necessary for a healthy and prosperous society. Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition. Where food is contaminated because of harm to the environment, what might be the effects on people who eat these foods? The consequences of environmental pollution can be seen in the form of severe health diseases. Incidents of Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Chernobyl in Russia have led to the irreparable damage to the humankind. Essay behavior and behavior essay on environmental pollution control an essay on. India has committed itself to the effective implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change. Regards, Sophia Like this post? More awareness programs are being organized to educate people about the hazards of environmental pollution and the need of protecting our planet. As you know that water is used for drinking, the soil used for producing food, and the air is used for breathing, all of these three contaminated elements insert their pollutants inside the body of human and result in diseases. Environment Essay 6 words All the natural things which makes life possible on the earth includes under an environment like water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, plants, etc. Ib extended essay results fitness environmental pollution essay in odia time.
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