An argument against smoking an addiction that causes death

Many smokers and other addicts express the desire to quit — but then continue using. The rest, including the authors of the target article, could be classified as in either the full or partial control categories.

On the other hand, the possibility that some can quit while others cannot is at least plausible. This is probably the most influential definition of voluntary behavior.

The earlier you quit, the greater the benefit. Having a cigarette after quitting thus seems to rekindle the pleasure of smoking.

smoking facts

Try these suggestions to make your transition away from nicotine easier: Get regular exercise. But this view was discredited. Voluntary control means that the power to decide resides within the individual: the person is capable of making a conscious decision and implementing it.

People who do not get that much pleasure out of smoking quit. It is not the powerful, irresistible impulse that causes smoking, but rather the difference between a very weak and a moderate desire that affects whether smokers relapse or abstain.

If there is anything peculiar about smoking, it lies in how recurrent desires to smoke intrude and tempt the free agent.


Smoking deadens your senses of taste and smell, so food isn't as appetizing. Support legislation to increase taxes on tobacco products. The sample was particularly impressive as it was not a sample of people who were seeking to quit; instead, all smokers working for a particular large corporation were approached for the study.

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