An analysis of the three dimensional technology

We have developed two major algorithms slow and accurate [Venkatarangan and Lindquist], faster but slightly less accurate [Shin and Lindquist] 3DMA-neuron: identification of dendritic spines post synaptic terminals identification of separate dendritic branches We are currently working on the problems of separate identification of dendrites and axons, and on identifying axonal boutons pre-synatic swellings.

holographic display

They have developed the most coherent concept of 3D tactics called '3D fire fighting methodology'. Figure 1 illustrates an example of an optical illusion that demonstrates how easy it is to mislead the human visual system in a 2D flat display.

We also briefly discuss recent developments in super-multiview and multiview with eye-tracking technologies. For multiview 3D display technologies, we will review occlusion-based technologies parallax barrier, time-sequential aperture, moving slit, and cylindrical parallax barrierrefraction-based lenticular sheet, multiprojector, prism, and integral imagingreflection-based, diffraction-based, illumination-based, and projection-based 3D display mechanisms.

three dimensional display methods

This article provides a systematic overview of the state-of-the-art 3D display technologies. This has been described as 'considering the three-dimensional situational awareness of the local friendly airspace in battle management'. Relationship with 3D firefighting concepts[ edit ] 3D tactical analysis has been strongly influenced by fire fighters in the UK and U.

An analysis of the three dimensional technology
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