An analysis of the many issues that people are for and against for year round schooling

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Changing the ways things have always been, even if there is some pretty solid evidence that it would improve things, is too cumbersome—so why bother?

A report of the Year Round School Committee to the Frederick County Board of Supervisors Virginia in stated: Following a thorough review of all materials, information provided by experts in the field, and survey results of the current status of multi-track year-round programs at the high school level, the year- round school committee concluded at their February 15,meeting that the adoption of the multi-track year round school system would not result in any short-term gains or long-term benefits for the students and citizens of Frederick County.

While Dr.

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There is no longer an economic reason for summer vacation, and there is no medical reason that three consecutive months during the center of the calendar year are necessary for the healthy development of children.

The first of these is by Dr. Could this be one reason the K educational system is struggling to keep students engaged? Fitzgerald, John.

Why year round school is bad

Many school districts are proposing a year round education program. The Los Angeles Times of May 28, , reported the results of a vote by parents, teachers and administrators on single-track year- round schools. Few other countries have more than seven weeks off in a school calendar. The problem with this argument, of course, is that most children are not spending their summers frolicking in fields of flowers or running around their neighborhoods, hanging out with other kids. BCTF information was made available to any teacher or parent on request. They get so excited to be able to go on vacations, spend more time reading, visiting family, and of course, sleeping in. This year your school has now entered into the year-round calendar system. Three research papers have been written and produced on the issue of year-round schooling by BCTF staff, and presented to a number of the district year-round groups. Academic achievement is rarely improved by year-round schools. However, research about the academic impact of year-round schooling has not clearly shown it is beneficial.

In the USA, 37 of the 50 states have fewer than 10 year-round schools, and only three Florida, Texas, and California have more than Unlike their rural counterparts, in the midoos, children in urban areas were subject to year- round schooling.

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