An analysis of literary criticism in the works of walt whitman and emily dickinson

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His works are written for all walks of life to read in a very accessible manner. In another aspect, her poems usually have a structure of ABCB; however, it is not a rule for all of her poems.

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In turning attention to the flags, the poem presents a specific manner of viewing the world, one in which individual human beings are no more than their political allegiances. She was born into an upper-class Calvinist family, which meant that she never had to work Baym Because Emily Dickinson lived a life of great privacy and only published a handful of poems in her lifetime, the exact year of its composition is unknown; most scholars agree that it was written around As a conclusion, it is possible to say that even though Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman came from worlds apart, and the differences they had in their writing styles in terms of structure are evident, breaking with the established pattern of traditional poetry in those days; they concurred in the views they had of several topics, such as: death and its relation to human beings. However, she did have a few friends and possibly some love interests, which may have inspired some of her love poems Baym He was able to think that he could be another person, for example: a slave, a woman, a child, etc. At the time, two Americas really existed: that of the North and that of the South. The poem ends here, leaving the reader with the impression that attention to the scene is no longer necessary; the speaker has conveyed what is important.

As a first point, it is necessary to contextualize the reader in relation to these two authors, and the facts that could have inspired and influenced them to write about death. In his poems he expresses the journey that is to live and to die. A Reseach and Reference Guide.

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Dickinson wrote in a very strict fourteener meter that is commonly seen in nursery rhymes and church hymns. In the South.

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Walt Whitman has been called by several to be the grandfather of modern day poetry. He constructed a poetry with a less formal structure, utilized language of the common man, celebrated individualism, acknowledged cultural differences, was not bound by the past, was energized by the American move westward and its flourishing democracy, and was moved

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Emily Dickinson: a research guide